Earn With INFINii. Many Ways, Whichever You Like!!!

There are many companies there that claim that you can make money online on them, but can you? Most probably not and they are very few on which you can really make money that you wanted to make according to your work.

For them who want to earn money seriously, I am hereby telling you about a company that you can really trust and that can make you money really, saying this because of it’s genuine business idea and it’s importance in this world at this time.

This company is INFINiiTM. The maker of this has been working since 2013 as DSD. The affiliates of this have made sales of $2 Billions and a profit of $380,000,000 so far. To know more about this company, you can click here.

INFINii TM is an Online Marketplace. The most important thing about this is that you can earn money with it no matter in which country you are living. You can make money in INFINii with participating in Springboard and you can also make money with Affiliating with INFINii to get more persons inside, called Partnering with INFINii. So, there is option for those who have money and who don’t have much. You will most like the affiliate side benefits! Understand below.

Starting with Springboard…..

When you go to a shop, you get a product at retail price, but if you take that item in bulk, you will get it on wholesale price or price much lower than MRP of that item. Same concept is applied in Springboard.

Springboard is a marketplace co-ops in which many high and quick selling products are placed already by the INFINii which are best selling items on eBay, Amazon, Shipify and on other marketplaces and company to buy it in stock of some 100, 150, 200, 300 or more at the wholesale price much lower than MRP, the company does the negotiations and gets the product for you in Spring Board to purchase at this rates. Further is most exciting!

So, what you have to do is to Pay for the items how many you would like to and the PROFIT earned from selling them at Retail Price will be given to you!!! You don’t need to think about shipping the items to the buyer, and another things like storage etc, just pay the price of your selected units and that’s it. INFINii does shipping, management, selling along with marketing of these products for you! J And I would also like to tell you that INFINii has thousands of best sellers on various marketplaces through which these products will sell.

Here is an example about Springboard to make you understand about this more quickly!

Here is a product “Spiderman Floor Puzzle”. It is high selling product on eBay and Amazon at about $12. Let’s calculate the profit on this 1 unit item. It is $12 (Retail Price) – 5.45 (Amazon/eBay Fee) – $0.35 (INFINii’s fee of Shipping, managing and selling for an item) – $3 (your purchase price for this one unit) = $3.2. So, on one item, you get $3.2 with your spent money of $3. So, the total return amount for one item will be $6.2. Totally Amazing, but simple!!! J The INFINii springboard negotiated and got 1000 units at $3 price each of this item. Now you have to purchase how many products you may like to according to your membership level limits. For now, let’s think that you have purchased 30 Units in this example image. So, You have to pay $90 ($3*30 units). And for that, your return amount from INFINii will be $6.2*30= $186 in which $90 was your invested money. So, your net profit will be $96. So, in this, if you invest 90$, you will get $90 +$96 back, total $186!!! J There are 3 Membership levels of INFINii, you will have different profit margins for different levels.

To know More about INFINii Springboard, click HERE.

Now, about membership of INFINii

There are 3 types of memberships in INFINii. Prime, Surge and Excel. In Prime, you have to pay $49.99 per month, in Surge, it is $149.99 per month and in Excel, it is $399.99 per month. You can Upgrade to any membership you like after joining, you don’t need to take multiple memberships.

With Pro level, you will get products on springboard that have Profit margin of 50-100%. With Surge, you will get product on springboard that have Profit Margin of about 100-300%. And with Excel, you will have Springboard products that have profit margins up to 400%. This can be understood like this generally, if you spend 60$ on springboard and you have “Prime Membership”, you will get $90 to $120 in return amount. All particulars will be available to estimate the profit while you purchase the items to sell them from INFINii on your behalf.

With Prime membership, you can spend totally on 15 units of any products at a time. You can purchase 15 Units of one item or you can do it separately, like 3-5-7 in different products. In Surge, total count of units is 30 and in Excel, it is 60.

If you want to start with INFINii, it is $50 per month.

You can Make MUCH MORE money with Affiliating with INFINii. Read Below.

 So, calculate your profit and join today! To understand more about Pro membership, Click HERE.

To join INFINii, Click HERE and fill some necessary details to continue.

Now about Affiliate Side (Partnering with INFINii to refer new members to INFINii)…..


The first thing I would like to tell you that INFINii has Hybrid plan to make you successful from “Binary” and “Personal Enrollment Tree”. You can earn from both. And you can join this from anywhere in the WORLD. Most of Network Marketing Companies makes you Restricted, but INFINii is Accelerated and Most Rewarding. It calculates on Ranks. You could reach the highest pay Rank in INFINii EVEN IF up to 99% of your teams business volume is on just 1 leg of the Binary.

In INFINii, you not need to maintain multiple memberships; you can upgrade or degrade to any membership you like, so you can start with Prime membership!🙂

INFINii TM haves the best Rewards and Bonus plans which I say FABULOUS!🙂


Other Affiliate Marketing companies make you Restricted, but INFINii lets you expand through binary expansion and by Personal Enrollment Tree, that is what you can join any number of members you want to join personally under you. You can have any number of members you want to join personally under you. Also you will get benefit as they expand!!! J Read Below…

For every member you have referred, you will get 15% of the membership value of him upto $60.It is “Fast Start Bonus”. For example if you refer a Prime member ($50) under you, you will get 50*0.15=$7.5 per person.

There is bonus to give you a big start called “Beginner Bonus Pool”. Once you meet minimum requirement of referring just first 2 persons under you. No matter on which membership they take, you can earn up to 600$ per month based on your membership and activities.

You will get “Dual Team Bonus” as your team progresses. This is very amazing bonuses which you will get per Week according to your team span and their INFINii marketplace activity.

The best strategy to get self sufficient in INFINii with affiliating is that you join and join Minimum 2 Persons under you with minimum Prime Membership in one month, with this you will fulfill the requirement of Beginner Bonus Pool and also get Fast Start Bonus twice and total is $89 ($75+$7.5*2) and have a good starting, then you can expand more with your actions.

If you want to get more information about affiliating with INFINii, Click HERE.

To Download Detailed INFINii Affiliate Rewards plan PDF, Click HERE.

Click HERE to Join INFINii.

Remember, this is not get quick rich scheme, the best thing is to Start taking action from your side.


As we are BUILDING “SUCCESS NETWORK”, our motto is to provide the best benefits of the Affiliate Marketing in INFINii, we don’t add new members under our personal downline, WE ADD ANY NEW MEMBER IN OUR “SUB-NETWORKS”, SO THAT WE CAN ENSURE THE SUCCESS OF EVERY MEMBER IN OUR NETWORK. That is what we call TEAM WORK, and we believe in TEAM SUCCESS that is success of everyone!!!

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